100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls by i-Gruv

I ordered these dryer balls after doing extensive research and finding the reviews and the price on these were right up my alley. I was tired of buying chemical ridden dryer sheets that were making my husband break out in rashes if they accidentally got into “his” laundry. Meaning my sheets and towels which are also his sheets and towels! I needed a new solution.

I am VERY happy I made the switch. There are many different brands and types of dryer balls to buy online. As of yet, I haven’t seen any in the stores around me where I live. So I had to buy them online. I have never used any others to compare these to, but so far they are working great. I have been using them since January in every single load. Depending on the load size is how many you throw in. They come with a carrying bag and so I store the ones I am not using in there. And bonus, they can go with our sheets and towels now! There has been minimal static and only with larger loads where they might get tumbled up into something, like a fitted sheet or duvet cover. Most loads there is no static and my laundry still has a very nice fresh smell to it, almost like it has been line dried in the summer breeze.

These claim to be eco friendly and anti-static, organic, reusable and hand made. They also claim to last for years, which I will wait to see. And they do have exceptional reviews on Amazon!

What do you think?