54 Watt Royal Nails Professional UV Light Gel & Acrilic Nail Dryer & Curing

Well, I’m a newbie at this but so far it’s worked really well! I’ve only used it twice and just now realized that it also has a dryer/fan on it for just drying your nails normally without the gel polish. What a great feature!

So, you need to follow the instructions and also go online maybe for a tutorial. It’s a little bit of a process to get this gel manicure, but they last for quite a while. My nails have not chipped or even thought about chipping and it’s been 8 days! They still look great. For the price and the quality of this dryer/curer you cannot beat it.

royal nails UV lightJust be sure you know what you’re doing before you start. And when they say don’t get any gel on your cuticle or skin, they mean it. So wipe it off with a wooden cuticle stick or with some acetone polish remover before you cure it! I found out it BURNS really bad if it’s on your skin a little bit. Ouchy! But now I know better and next time I’ll be a pro…right? HA!

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