Bayside Bar and Grill in Walker, MN

I love to review my hometown as you will see, everything about it drives me to review it. I’m not sure why that is. I think I feel like I’m on vacation if I go somewhere and treat it like it’s new and wonderful until it proves me otherwise. Also, I worked in the Hotel industry for years and when you are used to giving recommendations to your guests you start to really observe every detail about your town and what you can honestly help people with. So let’s get to this review of Bayside Bar and Grill!

Everything I’ve tried here (Burgers/BLT/Fish tacos/Chicken sandwich/Fries/Drinks) is really good. It’s so much better than the Wharf or Matty’s that used to be in there. However, the d├ęcor/smell in the place really need some help. Unfortunately, it smells very musty like mildew- just old smelling in there. And it’s very bleak looking too. They need a woman’s touch! On the plus side, the wait staff is pretty nice and the owner is very nice too. They make sure everything is tasting good, which is very important. It’s not expensive either, which is great. I just wish they’d update their look a little bit and try to get rid of the musty smell. You can get your food to go, which I’ve done several times because you can’t beat their burgers!

What do you think?