Canon Printers and Google Cloud Print Not Working

This article is to inform anyone who is looking for a solution to Canon printers suddenly not working with Google Cloud Print. It should be noted that a Canon tech support rep mentioned there are other printers with this issue. Not just the imageCLASS MF8280Cw.

After about a month of Google Cloud Print not working on the Canon imageCLASS MF8280Cw printer I use, I decided to contact Canon directly. I had already spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong only to fail. Normally, the amount of time I spend on hold waiting for Canon support allows me enough time to resolve the issue on my own. For some reason I get the feeling Canon counts on this. At this point I realized I had tried everything I could think of. So I dialed the number for Canon support, put my phone on speaker and started trying to find something I might have overlooked.

Since no printer or network settings had been changed at all, I knew it was going to be a big guessing game. I had already dug around in the Remote UI and tried several things. I even tried re-registering the printer with Google Cloud Print and ended up getting a message saying it failed to collect data. It also showed that I needed a CA Certificate (next to where it shows if Cloud Print is on or off). Once tech support finally picked up, I received my very feared answer. The rep informed me that since Google had “changed their encryption, or something like that, on their end” that Canon would have to release a firmware update to solve the issue. He offered up a few suggestions of things I had already tried and then informed me that those things hadn’t worked for anyone else either. He did tell me that there was one customer who got it to work. The customer had two networks. For some reason, by putting the printer on another network, he was able to get the printer to work on Google Cloud Print again. Unfortunately, he didn’t know any specifics that he could provide. Only that it had something to do with the network security settings.

Since this falls on Canon to resolve, I asked how long it would take for that to be done. All he could tell me was that the more people who called in with this issue would determine how important it was to the people who handle. While the Canon rep was friendly and wanted to help. It looks like Canon just doesn’t have a fix or even a work around at this time.

Are you having this problem? If so, which printer do you use? Did you find a work around? Please share!

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    1. Every other day, I go into the settings and choose “Update firmware.” So far, no update. The only thing I can suggest is to call Canon. They said, the more people that they hear have the problem, the more likely the issue will be fixed. Here is their phone number: 800-652-2666.

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