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Encrypted Android Device and TWRP Unlock

Recently, I setup an Android device and used the 4×4 pattern. Then I went through the steps to encrypt the device. Later that day, I needed to install another ZIP from recovery. So I rebooted into recovery to find that TWRP only has a 3×3 grid for unlocking. At first, I thought I would have… Read more »

“Lark Rise to Candleford” BBC TV Series

You have your cup of tea steeping. Your biscuits are fresh out of the oven (or the plastic container from the market). You have your best English accent polished up in your head. Time to get cozy. Get your soft fluffy blanket all piled up and your snotty little cat sitting by your side. It’s… Read more »

Getting your Cisco VT II Webcam Working on Windows (64 bit)

It should also be mentioned that this camera was made for other companies beside Cisco. So if you have a camera that looks like the one pictured here, this may work for you. The following information will help you install drivers for this webcam on a 64-bit Windows computer. Pretty much any computer you buy… Read more »