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Embedded Terminal on Gnome 3 Desktop

This should work on any number of Linux distributions and window managers (ie. FluxBox, OpenBox, WindowMaker, Gnome 3, KDE). For this guide, we will be working in Debian 7 Wheezy, using Gnome 3. Normally, I keep my desktop pretty clean. No icons, no volumes, nothing. One day I thought that I should look for a… Read more »

Automotive OBD-II On-Board Diagnostics Reader for Smart Phone Users

Since I’ve been using this for several months now, I’ve decided I should share it. Last year, I brought my car to a mechanic to have it re-aligned and also asked him to run the diagnostics on it since the check engine light was coming on constantly. I was charged $60 just for them to… Read more »

How to Unlock your AT&T iPhone

So you want your iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or whatever version unlocked? Just a few minutes ago, I tried following the steps found at Unfortunately, AT&T is no longer unlocking iPhones over their chat system. After trying on two separate occasions, I was informed by AT&T’s chat representative to call… Read more »