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“Lark Rise to Candleford” BBC TV Series

You have your cup of tea steeping. Your biscuits are fresh out of the oven (or the plastic container from the market). You have your best English accent polished up in your head. Time to get cozy. Get your soft fluffy blanket all piled up and your snotty little cat sitting by your side. It’s… Read more »

TRIXIE Pet Products- Baza Cat Tree

Well, my boys put up a good fight for this and the black cat won. Poor orange kitty. My tuxedo cat LOVES this tree. He scratches on it all of the time and you can find him sitting in it just about every single evening. It wasn’t super easy to put together, it’s kind of… Read more »

Purebites Chicken Breast (Dog/Cat) Treats

My cats flip out for this treat they love to crunch on them!  It has taken years to find a treat that boy of my kitty boys love and will eat together. I cannot believe I finally found it in these treats! And yes, I bought these for my cats even though they are pictured… Read more »