Getting Razors from Dollar Shave Club

Update: Since writing this article, I discovered Dorco. They provide the same razors and handles. If you buy a bunch at once you can save a good chunk of cash. Check them out. Otherwise, the statements below still stand. The quality of blades and handles is the same since it is litterally the same product! Happy shaving! 🧔🏽 Get High Quality Razors at 🧑🏽

About a year ago, I saw an ad for the Dollar Shave Club. My first thought was to sign up, get a months worth of razors and then just cancel my account. It would save me a few bucks on razors. So I signed up for the Humble Twin, which is the lowest level option, for $1 (plus $2 shipping). I figured, that would be good enough, since it is cheaper than those very basic two blade razors that drag across your face like a piece of ripped tin after the first shave.

Blade Quality

Well, after a month, the blades were so nice, I decided to stay signed up a little longer to accumulate some more. I found that I wasn’t going through blades as fast as I do when I buy the 5 pack bag from my local, corporate establishment (you know the store). My blades were starting to pile up. I realized that I was so used to bad blades that I was letting these good ones get too dull before throwing them away. These blades seem to stay sharper longer than the other ones I was using.

About the Handle

The first package you receive has the blades and a handle. Each month after that you get a package of blades. If you loose your handle, you can order another one.

One thing I really like is the handle. It is lightweight, so you can feel what is happening. I’ve used some blades that had a heavy handle. They feel nice in the hand but that isn’t optimal for shaving. You need to feel what is going on. The only thing about the Dollar Shave Club handle I don’t like is that the little brackets that hold the blade feel kind of whimpy. Although I’ve had the same handle for the whole time with no problems. This seems to be the weak point with most handles, from any company.

Overall Feeling

So now, I view shaving differently. I used to shave every other day because it was such a dread. Now I shave every day, which is nice because I kind of felt like I looked like a lazy bum on some days. Of course the days I didn’t shave would be the days where we had an unplanned meeting or important visitor drop in to work. Now, I shave every day and I am liking that feeling. I recently decided to upgrade to the 4X which is $6 with free shipping! So, only $3 more per month. As long as I have to shave and Dollar Shave Club keeps the prices reasonable, I’ll be using their blades.

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