JL Beers- Fargo, ND

If you have not yet been to a JL Beers- and you like burgers and beer- you must try this place! Every JL Beers I have seen in the Dakota’s look the same on the outside, a sturdy small brick building that looks like a cool place to be. And it is! Their deal is beer so don’t expect to get anything other than beer/water/or root beer. You have to be 21 to go there. They mean business. You can find their menu online and they have some beers that change on their lists. The food they offer is burgers and fries or chips. They do this well!

I ordered a classic burger with fries and it was so tasty. It came with onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles and special sauce.  Their hamburger buns are delightful, fluffy and fresh and buttered. I also ordered the Mimosa Beer- and at first (with no food) it was good and I should’ve drunk it all before I got my food. I find that any citrus beer ends up tasting like vomit with food. By itself though, it was great. It was a gluten free apple beer that tastes just like a mimosa! postcards The fries were real and hand cut and super good- skinny fries.

The wait staff was awesome and they do this thing where they give you postcards when you sit down. I wrote out two and the boy wrote out one to our friends. Of course, you need to have addresses to do this but thankfully I have all of my friend’s addresses in my phone. So you write a postcard and you give it to them and they mail it for you! A fantastic personalized way for them to advertise. AND the burgers are mostly under 5 bucks! The beer is a little bit more spendy if you want to try an unusual type beer. My beer was only $4.75 and the boys was around $9.  He got a Belgium triple IPA and I actually really liked that beer, too. JL Beers will be seeing us again!

Here’s a link to their site: www.jlbeers.com/southfargo

What do you think?