Metro Cafe Diner – Downtown Atlanta, GA

Alright, so on our girls weekend staying at the La Quinta Inn and Suites, we wanted somewhere to go that was pregnant girl friendly and also very fun.  We also wanted to do karaoke.  We found this place online and decided to check it out! This place is open 24 hours, and it is huge!  The diner is upstairs with super good food, good prices and pretty much anything you could want.  The downstairs has a bar and karaoke every day of the week until 3am.  Which was awesome.

But if you really want to sing a lot, this is not the place for you because the wait list is over 2 hours!  But we each got to sing once and it was great!  I picked my classic tune “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and the crowd was electric and alive, it was like nothing else!  And in the meantime, the people watching is well worth staying.  Every kind of crowd and it was super fun.  It’s a non smoking facility, so especially my preggo bestie didn’t have to worry about that.  The bouncers were awesome as well, they were always watching to make sure everything went good. They kicked out some creepo guy who was trying to dirty dance with all the girls and it was NOT cool.

But like I said, they kicked him out, which I have never seen happen before so I was very happy about that.  We stayed until 3 am and the crowd was fun and happy and nothing got crazy so that was nice, too.  In fact there were families there all around the clock.  I will go back again when I’m in Atlanta next!  If you’re in the area check them out:

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