Natural Balance 3oz. Platefulls Chicken and Giblets Pouches

My cats freak out for this food- they LOVE it. However, I have found that they do get bored with it after a month or so- so I switch it up with other canned Natural balance flavors and that does the trick. I can reintroduce this food every other month, which is ok with me cause it’s a bit spendier than the other food. But when they get this food again, they just dive right in and eat every last bite! Pretty cute to watch them!  I don’t have any kids- just kits- which is why I can justify spending the extra $ on the furry babies.  Plus, it has been shown that kitties eating a wet food diet are healthier and I can see that is very true with my boys.  The money I save bringing them to the Vet I spend on their food!  It’s a win win situation.

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