Netflix – the Easy way to Rent Movies!

Netflix.comFor the past few years has been my main source of movie rentals. For years, I rented movies from local movie/video rental places but was always disappointed by the limited selection. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am open to watching all types of movies but sometimes I just want to watch something different! With a membership to Netflix, you can find all of the movies you want to watch and many more. Many you have probably never heard of!

Before I go any further, here are just a few reasons I love Netflix so much:

  • Netflix knows what you like and suggests movies you will like!
  • Your next movie is mailed right away! So you can have a movie delivered every other day.
  • You can stream movies over the internet, on your computer or other Netflix-enabled device!
  • If a reckless postal worker gets his/her hands on your disc and breaks it, just tell Netflix and they send you a replacement! (I have only had to do this once in three years.)

Movie Suggestions by YOUR TASTE

Have you ever had a friend suggest a movie, and you like it… a lot? Netflix is sort of like that friend who knows what kind of movies you like. After rating a few movies you like, Netflix starts displaying movies on your “Suggestions for You” page, that appears when you log in. In my experience, I have had movies suggested to me that I have never heard of but decided to take a chance. About 90% of the time, the movies suggested to me are right up my alley.

Movies Delivered Promptly

For a long time, my account was for one DVD at a time. This was sufficient because I could watch the movie every other day. In between that time, I would watch a movie over the internet through Netflix. It is super easy. Once you send a movie back, Netflix gets it the next day and pretty much always mails the next movie to arrive the next day… even though I live in a rural area.

Netflix recently changed their membership options. The prices actually went down too! Unlimited streaming video is no longer a standard option with every membership. So, if you want to stream video, you must have a membership specifically for streaming video. Since my internet connection is very inconsistent (at its fastest is what we considered fast in the mid 90’s) I chose to upgrade my account to get two DVDs at a time. So far I am very pleased with this new setup.

Broken, Scratched or Unplayable Discs
In the past three years of using Netflix, I have had two instances where a disc was scratched and skipped so much I could not watch it. There has been one time, where I received a disc that was completely shattered. When this happens, all you have to do is log into Netflix and click “Report a Problem.” If you report that disc is unplayable, they send out a replacement as soon as possible.

Streaming Movies over the Internet

When I have had a good internet connection, I have watched videos on my computer, through Netflix and some other video services. There are many other websites on the internet that offer free accounts or paid memberships to watch television shows and movies online. However, they have commercials, other ads and sometimes when you think you are clicking a link to watch a show, it brings you to a preview instead. With Netflix, there have been some movies not available to stream but the selection is fairly good. You would think the video quality would be poor but I think its better than a DVD often times. This will differ depending on your internet connection. Netflix determines the quality of video based on your connection speed. This way you do not have to wait for the movie to buffer. Even with my slow internet connection, I have never been displeased with the quality of video.

Common Sense Rating – For Parents

One other feature I really like, is the “Common Sense Rating” from Netflix. This feature provides more specific details as to why a movie is rated a certain way and what ages it is most appropriate and not appropriate for. For example for the movie The Blind Side, the “Common Sense Rating” states the following:

…while it alludes to the prejudice that exists in certain situations, aside from a scene or two, it skirts the topic instead of truly tackling it, and some scenes depict characters who are blatantly racist. Still, Oher’s life story in inarguably encouraging. While language and sexual content are quite mild, you can expect a couple of brief violent scenes, references to drug use, and social drinking.

Also, it states specifically any occurrences of Sexual Content, Violence, Language, Social Behavior, Drug/Tobacco/Alcohol and even Consumerism. Here is another description for the movie The Blind Side:

Sexual Content
A husband and wife lovingly kiss and make out; references to “tapping that.” Some ogling.

Now, if you saw The Blind Side you would know that it was a family oriented movie. But the fact that Netflix states specifics like this can be very helpful to parents that are conscious of what their children view.


After a few years of uninterrupted service with Netflix, I would recommend it to anyone. They are quick to get new releases, the classics and have a wide selection of movies from around the world. With the suggestions provided by Netflix, you can keep finding movies you will like and read reviews from other people who have already viewed the movie. When you have dealt with a company for so long and have never had a reason to deal with a customer service representative, I consider it a good company.

What do you think?