Prairie Bay Grille in Baxter, MN

We were recommended to this restaurant by a good friend who frequents here. It was our 10th Anniversary night and we were looking for a new classy place to celebrate so we thought we would give Prairie Bay Grille a try! It’s located off Hwy 371 in Baxter and very easy to get to.

We had looked at their menu online to prepare what we would like to order. However, we found out that their menu had changed but hadn’t been updated online! So be aware of this for future times. We were seated right away and ordered our drinks, a Falling Water Martini for myself and a glass of Cab for the Mr. We also ordered a starter of The Sushi Fix. The menu’s are made of paper and felt a little flimsy for such a nice place.

The atmosphere was just fine, but nothing too special so we were a little disappointed. Our waiter may have been new…enough said. Our drinks and starter arrived quickly and they were delicious!

jason food3
<The Sushi Fix!

      Martini and Cabernet!>

We then ordered our entrée’s. I had the three cheese tortellini and Mr. had the Pepe Le Pew wood fire pizza. Not sure why he decided to order the most disgusting sounding food on the menu, but he did. And he wasn’t crazy about it. Go figure! My dinner was very good, and very filling since I had ordered the all you can eat pasta! It’s a great deal if you can eat a lot of pasta, I should have known better. But it was delicious!

Dessert, my dear friends, is what I live for. I already had in mind ordering the Custard Trio since I can never seem to get enough Creme’ Brule in my life. It was a fantastic decision. I hope they never take that off their menu! As you can see from my photo, I’m pretty giddy. And just look at that sampler, all for $7.00! Of course, I shared. But you don’t have to! They were all very tasty and you get to try three desserts, what can beat that?

So overall, we were very happy with our night out. I’d say if you’re looking for something fancier, though, to keep looking. I would have felt out-of-place if I dressed up any more than I did. But their food is very good and they also have a great selection of gluten-free options all throughout the menu for those who may need that. Here’s a link to their website, check it out and make a reservation today!

What do you think?