Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

I really hope they never discontinue this product! That being said…I’m sure they will….why do they do this to us?? It works SO well- we have tried every single litter on the planet it seems! Every natural kind, every toxic kind- cheap to expensive and this stuff is the BEST! And, its good for the kitties to use! It doesn’t have any smell at all, which is good for everyone it covers over their odor really well- it clumps really well- and there is no tracking and no dust, so good! I don’t mind the price at all because it’s finally what I’ve been looking for and heck, I don’t have kids…so spending extra on the kitty boys not a big deal! Delivered to my door…can’t beat that.

Here’s the link to buy it for your precious kitties:

What do you think?