Purebites Chicken Breast (Dog/Cat) Treats

My cats flip out for this treat they love to crunch on them!  It has taken years to find a treat that boy of my kitty boys love and will eat together. I cannot believe I finally found it in these treats! And yes, I bought these for my cats even though they are pictured for dogs because it’s the same as the cat treats PureBites but way cheaper for a bigger bag. The cat treats are ridiculously small and you get way less for the money so I just break these apart in smaller pieces for my cats.

They are only one ingredient, which I love and so do the kitties- cant go wrong with chicken. I feel good about giving them these treats, no crazy preservatives or gluten/grains. There’s no sugar in them (yes they put sugar in some cat treats! unreal!) – nothing bad at all for them! Plus they are made in the USA which is a good thing. I will stick with these treats and hope they don’t discontinue them. I’m sure they will. Ha.

You can buy them here:


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