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Stainless Steel Round Drying Rack

Who would ever have thought that this little gizmo would be so much fun? Not me! But I’m all grown up now and I like having my laundry room be all grown up, too. I wanted something to be able to air dry some of my tops and smaller things but I don’t have enough… Read more »

Saganizer Laundry Hamper with Wheels!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had re-doing my laundry room! Well, wait…I can. So my laundry room was looking shabby as it is in my basement and not a lot of love or care had been shown to it, yet. I decided this past winter it was time to get things looking… Read more »

Amy’s Freshly Homespun all natural products!

I am most excited about these products as I LOVE to have natural options for my beauty/bath/home needs! I like to make some of these items myself, but once I tried Amy’s Homespun products I think I’ll be buying them from her instead. I’ve tried three products so far: the moisturizing body soap, the cocoa… Read more »