The Muppets DVD

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the Muppet originals…but this is my favorite!  It tells their story and makes you feel like you’re a kid again- and when they play “Rainbow Connection” oh brother, give me the tissue box!  I just loved this movie, everything about it.  And the original songs were awesome, hilarious and just utterly ridiculous in the right way.

I’ve been a fan of Jason Segel since “Freaks and Geeks” and he did wonderful with this project.  Amy Adams was perfect, too.  The shots of Jim Henson and the “old” Muppet references were spot on, well done! The Muppet’s were a huge part of my childhood…even now, my cat’s name is Fozzie.  Gotta love them.

I really like Muppet’s Most Wanted- but this movie really moved me- it makes you remember why the Muppet’s are so great and that they have made their way back to us!


What do you think?