TRIXIE Pet Products- Baza Cat Tree

Well, my boys put up a good fight for this and the black cat won. Poor orange kitty. My tuxedo cat LOVES this tree. He scratches on it all of the time and you can find him sitting in it just about every single evening. It wasn’t super easy to put together, it’s kind of like a puzzle you have to figure out on your own since there were not any instructions with it.

After awhile of pulling hair and swearing under your breath it clicks and then it becomes easy to put together. It gives your brain a good workout. And it’s worth it because for over two years, this has been sat in and scratched on a daily basis! Which also means it’s getting a little worn, I may need to buy a new one next year if they don’t discontinue it. Which…..say it with me now……I’m sure they will.

What do you think?