Who Are We?

Boy and GirlHi! We are the Ravelings! We live in a quaint little Northern Minnesota town and we love to review things! Why? Because reviews are so important to us when we travel to other quaint little towns, or are looking to buy something online and just cannot find a review that is giving us the details we need to make informed decisions. You know the type.

Jason (the boy) likes to review techy things I (the girl) have no idea about but some of you guys and girls do and will know exactly what he’s talking about! He also likes to fish and bike and hike and hunt for mushrooms and take adventures whenever possible. I (the girl) like to do some of those things too! I love to boat — living in Minnesota makes that handy — and I love to be in the sun. We like to travel together whenever we can and have friends and family all around the world. We are raising two adorable cats together (don’t mind my 30 Rock references) and they fill us with joy and anger all at the same time. We are in our 30’s YIKES but are enjoying every minute of it. (We also drive matching Subaru’s….no judging). We hope you find some of these reviews helpful and that they assist you in your online hopes and needs.