Minnetonka Moccasin Women’s Double Fringe Ankle Boot

Anyone who knows me can hear me saying, “I love my Moc’s.” I have several pair of Minnetonka Moccasin loafers and then this pair of side zip ankle boots. I bought them at a local shop, The General Store in Walker, MN for quite a deal! They were 20% off and of course, no shipping fee, which I love.

The leather is very soft and forms to my foot and the side zip makes them very easy to get on and off. There are little strips of leather attached to the zipper and one of mine came off pretty quickly after I bought them, it would not stay on, so I just kept it off. You can’t notice at all because it was the same color as the shoe themselves.

The sole is very grippy rubber and they are fabulous on snow and ice. I live in Minnesota and this is a very important feature to any footwear I have. These shoes make me feel like Spiderman and I may get a little too confident on the ice with them!

You can’t go wrong with the cool factor to these boots. Fringe?? Give me a break, I love it! The bronze medallions add a nice touch, too. My next Moc purchase will be the tall fringed boots…oh they are just too much!

Remember everyone: Shop local if you can! Look around your town first to see if a local shop offers these great boots before turning to Amazon or another online store. I got these for much less than I found online by shopping local!


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