Tony Little Destress Micropedic Pillow Review

Tony Little makes a pillow?? And he sells it on HSN?? I know, it’s a very strange world we live in. However, it’s all true AND it’s an awesome pillow! In fact, I don’t foresee myself ever using any other pillow. Strong words, right? I’m not a salesman because most of the time I don’t feel strongly enough about products to back them. But I feel like I might be able to sell this pillow, ha! Pillows are a very personal investment though. So let me tell you a few things about why I adore this one.

The pillow is soft and light weight yet firm and flexible. It’s made with microbeads, very small microbeads. Unfortunately I know how very small because my first Tony Little pillow ripped apart in my washing machine….oh boy that was not fun. And there are millions of them. That never go away. But I’ll talk about washing this pillow in a bit. It has 4 chambers filled with the little microbeads that mold to your shape. And it doesn’t matter what side I lay on, on my back or tummy, it conforms to each side without having to throw the pillow all around or try to figure it out when you’re half asleep. I have neck/shoulder injuries from car accidents and so a good pillow is so important to help me sleep. This pillow is fabulous and gives me the right support while staying comfortable and not too squishy. This pillow comes in different sizes. I have the Queen and the King sizes and for a while I was using the King with a Queen pillowcase and that was just AWFUL. I need to get a King pillowcase. Once I took the small case off that was making the King pillow ram all together then the pillow felt so much better. I usually prefer my Queen size pillow, though.

Which is currently being air-dried after I washed it. So I googled, “How to wash a Tony Little pillow” and came up with pretty much nothing. Some said, you can’t. Others said, handwash only. The website didn’t provide much assistance either. My first disaster washing the pillow was about a year ago. I put it in the washer without the CASE on it. Big mistake right away. Put the case ON!!! Just in case the pillow busts open and decimates your washer with millions of tiny beads which will never come out. NEVER. I sold that washer. Anyway! I tried again with my new pillow tonight. RISKY you say? Uh, yes. Dumb perhaps? Maybe. But I put the case on. And I have back up pillows. Also, I was feeling lazy. But let’s back up to the destroyed first pillow: I called the company and told them what happened because I was devastated to say the least that my amazing pillow was gone, and guess what they did?? They shipped me 2 NEW pillows for free!!! So, great company to boot. So, now I’m washing one of my new free pillows. In my new washer. My new washer has a BOTTOM agitator instead of the center one like most have. It also has a hand wash setting. And I stood there and watched it for the first 15 minutes to make sure it would be ok. And….it was!!!! So I took the case off and washed it again separately and hung my pillow up to dry. Now the true test when it’s dry is to be sure it still FEELS the same when I sleep on it. It felt normal when I took it out of the dryer. High hopes!

All in all, this is an amazing pillow and I can’t recommend it enough. I know…it’s pricey. But so is the chiropractor and so is missing work from headaches and neck pain. So I invested in a nice bed and a nice pillow and nice sheets…and now it’s incredibly hard to get out of bed in the morning because I’m so comfortable. Not a bad problem to have! Here’s a link for you, happy shopping!

San Francisco Bay Coffee Pods

Now, hear me out! I’m a fan of french press coffee, drip coffee, cold press coffee, Lattes and Americanos and Cortados. That being said, I’m reviewing a coffee pod that you would use in a Keurig coffee machine. I’m not pro-Keurig by any means. However, I worked in an office where this was a very fast and easy way to get a cup of Joe before heading out in the field. So after trying about a million different brands and flavors and not liking ANY of them I ran across these little cuties on Amazon. These are different. They don’t taste like plastic, they taste like actual coffee!

coffeeThe pods are encased in a mesh filter instead of a plastic shell and this seems to make a difference. I was so excited to find these because they actually do taste WAY better than anything I had found for the Keurig and all my co-workers agreed. We tried the variety pack and ended up really liking the Fog Chaser and French Roasts the best. (Just be sure to read the labels as these do not fit in every style of Keurig.) So if you are sick of the grossness which is a k-pod, try these out, they are better. Granted, it’s not a french press but you get the idea.

Check them out here where they are rated #1 in coffee beverages!

Dark Side of the Brew Coffee Shop Extraordinaire

What brings you to Hebron, North Dakota? What else! The good coffee and fine arts! Oh wait…maybe that’s not what originally brought you to the small brick town but when you find it there you will be delightfully surprised. You won’t expect it, which makes it all the better. But swing into Dark Side of the Brew, right on the main street downtown. There’s only one so you can’t miss it! This Pink Floyd based coffee joint is the place to be. It’s a creation of creative and artistic masterminds, Aaron and Miranda Anderson, Hebron locals. There’s music, award winning art, jewelry, local creations, and right…right…there’s coffee! Not just any coffee, it’s Dakota’s Best Gourmet Coffees that is brewed up here. And when they say Dakota’s Best, what they really mean is THE best.

You can get any coffee creation you could dream of and to go along with it, one of their amazing baked goods. And do you know what else you get? Small town charm, baby. You get to meet and hang out with the fabulous locals and take it all in while not having to worry about life, because after all, you are on vacation in Hebron. Or maybe you are visiting your granny or your favorite aunt and uncle who you will BEG to take you to the Dark Side. It’s funny, right?? Either way, it’s a must stop shop. So have fun and think to yourself…”I wish you were here.”

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