San Francisco Bay Coffee Pods

Now, hear me out! I’m a fan of french press coffee, drip coffee, cold press coffee, Lattes and Americanos and Cortados. That being said, I’m reviewing a coffee pod that you would use in a Keurig coffee machine. I’m not pro-Keurig by any means. However, I worked in an office where this was a very fast and easy way to get a cup of Joe before heading out in the field. So after trying about a million different brands and flavors and not liking ANY of them I ran across these little cuties on Amazon. These are different. They don’t taste like plastic, they taste like actual coffee!

coffeeThe pods are encased in a mesh filter instead of a plastic shell and this seems to make a difference. I was so excited to find these because they actually do taste WAY better than anything I had found for the Keurig and all my co-workers agreed. We tried the variety pack and ended up really liking the Fog Chaser and French Roasts the best. (Just be sure to read the labels as these do not fit in every style of Keurig.) So if you are sick of the grossness which is a k-pod, try these out, they are better. Granted, it’s not a french press but you get the idea.

Check them out here where they are rated #1 in coffee beverages!

What do you think?