[SOLUTION] Android Will Not Power Off (It just restarts/reboots)

In my search, I have found this has happened to both people who use stock ROMs, root their device, flash custom ROMs. It doesn’t matter. When you choose the option to power off your device, it mearly reboots/restarts. There is not real way to shut it down other than let the battery completely drain.

After a couple of years of keeping my tablet plugged in so it would not die, I finally found the solution on the XDA Developers Forum (Note: I did not have to remove my battery… keep reading below). It is a super simple solution leaving you wondering what it has to do with powering off your Android device.

The Simple Solution

  1. Go to Settings -> Date & Time
  2. Disable / uncheck Automatic date & time
  3. Set the date to January of February. (apparently this glitch has to do with daylight savings)
  4. Set the year to 2011
  5. Power off your device via the normal means (usually holding the power button until a dialogue pops up).
  6. Tap Power Off
  7. (Wait a bit… your device should actually power off!)

  8. Power on your device. Then go back to Settings -> Date & Time
  9. Enable / check Automatic date & time
  10. Power off your device again by the normal means. (It should still power off completely)
  11. Wait for a minute and then power on the device.

Your device should now be back to normal. If you’ve had this problem for an extended period of time, you’re going to feel like you have a new device! It actually powers down!? Amazing! Please share if this worked for you and the device you had the problem on. I’d love to hear.

What do you think?