Sweet Express Images Bakery in Loveland, CO

One of my best friends got married in October in Loveland, CO. And us girls needed a cake for her shower! We looked everywhere in the area to find the best deal with someone who would make the cake we wanted. However, we didn’t want to spend $100 on an 8″ cake! We called and emailed and searched all around until we landed on Sweet Express Images, which at first we thought would not be able to make the cake we wanted. We were under the assumption that they only did custom photo cakes. But you know what they say about assuming things. It’s always true.

So, we called them and sent them a photo of what we wanted and they said, “Sure! We can do that! All for $32!” WHAT?? Are you kidding?? That was the lowest price we had seen anywhere in the area. So then we started doubting their work, maybe it would look bad? Maybe it would TASTE bad?!

cake3And then we picked it up. All of our doubts were laid to rest. It was stunning, as you can see! They did exactly as we asked and they got the colors perfect. We ordered a layered almond torte with chocolate cream and raspberry filling with buttercream frosting. Was it good?? Oh goodness, yes!! And it was quite big for us girls, so we were enjoying tasty cake for the next three days. Wonderful!

Here’s their website so you can check them out and place your order. They have other bakery items as well, not just cakes! www.sweetexpressimages.com

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