Lenox Simply Fine “Chirp” Shower Curtain Hooks

The colors are right on with my bathroom colors and they are a nice size. With my white ruffled shower curtain (see review on shower curtain to see more detail on hooks) they pop nicely!  The “red” color is more like a coral/red which I really like and the blue is pretty much a Tiffany blue. There is a splash of yellow/gold in there and white.

They are pretty fragile, a few of them have come off the hooks and a few have had the tails or flower petals snap off just from regular use on the shower rod. Hot glue works fine, it’s just kind of irritating.  But they are very cute and exactly the same color of blue on my bathroom walls, so they look very nice with my decor!  There is a whole line of Lenox Chirp items to match with these, towels/decor/rugs- it’s a very cute line.

Here’s a link to check it out:


What do you think?