Better Living- Valet Wall Mount Chrome Magnified Mirror, 8inch

We bought these for our upstairs bathroom that has a large window overlooking our backyard that is right over our sink. We didn’t want to change anything with this lovely window when we bought this place but couldn’t figure out what to do for a mirror solution. So I did some reading and found this was a great solution to the problem. We placed these on either side of the window and they look classy and it puts focus on the nice window with our beautiful view of state land full of trees and deer!

They were very easy to install and the mirrors also adjust and move up and down. These do fold flat to the wall which is very handy and one side is magnified (yikes no thanks!) and they clean up really nice and easy. We’ve had these for about 3 years now and there is no sign of wear or rust or anything like that. I know they are smaller than what most like to have in the bathroom, but they work just fine and I have a full length mirror in my bedroom anyway for the big picture stuff, like seeing my shoes. People who don’t have full length mirrors are crazy to me, how do they ever know what their shoes look like?? Anyway!

Here’s a link to check them out for yourself:

Chrome wallmount mirror


What do you think?