Pine Haven Resort Cabins in Estes Park, CO

I’m sure this mountain resort doesn’t need my good review as they have so many 5 star reviews as it is, they are booked so far in advance. But I cannot help myself to review them because we had such a good time and would love to go back some day! But hang on, because this might get long…but well worth the read!

The check-in process was funny because we were in such a hurry to get to our room and set it up for the surprise shower and the host was SO friendly and talkative that it took longer than we we’re expecting. Everyone in Colorado is very friendly and a little slower than we are used to!

We booked cabin 3, The Aztec cabin for a bridal shower and slumber party for 4 best friends. We wanted to do something special for our lovely bride and knew she only had limited time away so we just booked 1 night. A Tuesday. And you would think it would’ve been a little slow there, nope, they were packed out. You couldn’t tell though, it was very quiet and serene.

cabin6The Aztec cabin has a queen size bed with a set of bunk beds and a pull out sofa. We only used the bunk beds and queen bed and they were so cozy and comfortable! It’s one very large room with the living room and kitchen separated by a heavy curtain if you’d like. The room was spotless clean and very eclectic and yet modern. It had everything we needed for making dinner and pretty much anything else we needed, it was fully stocked. We used the small table and chairs to set up her cake and present area and it worked perfectly.

We chose this resort because of location and the things it offers it’s guests. We knew we wanted a hot tub and they have an outdoor hot tub, which was glorious. We knew we wanted something else special but didn’t know what it was until we saw they have an adult bouncy house. Yes, you read that right! However, our luck was down that day because it was raining and they cannot set it up in the rain. Needless to say, we were VERY bummed. They offered us a nice bottle of white wine for consolation and it worked a little.

cabin4We took the hike that was literally right behind our cabin into the mountains and it was not super easy, which was great! It was breathtaking…literally. You hold your breath when you get to the top. Despite it being rainy and cloudy, it was spectacular. Plus we had animal masks and Spotify to make it even more memorable!

Should you book at Pine Haven Resort? Yes of course you should! It’s glorious and not far out of the town of Estes Park and you are also on your way into Rocky Mountain National Park. Fantastic! Book your cabin NOW because they won’t have it for long! Create your memories there.

Now be prepared for a ton of photos!!

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