Stainless Steel Round Drying Rack

Who would ever have thought that this little gizmo would be so much fun? Not me! But I’m all grown up now and I like having my laundry room be all grown up, too. I wanted something to be able to air dry some of my tops and smaller things but I don’t have enough room for a wooden rack like I really wanted. So I found this little space saver and thought I would give it a whirl!

So glad that I did. Because it works like a charm. I was doubtful of the clips being strong and holding maybe a sweater on them. But they are very strong little grips and they do in fact hold sweaters! I mostly use it to dry my tops and socks and pillowcases. However, I know that it can handle heavier items as well. There are 18 steel clips on this hanger and I have it hanging from a wooden pole in my laundry room. My new fancy grown up laundry room! And the clips do NOT leave any marks or weirdness on my clothes, they dry very nicely.

Here’s the link to buy one today! P.S. I plan on taking this little beauty outside with my laundry this summer….can’t wait.

Saganizer Laundry Hamper with Wheels!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had re-doing my laundry room! Well, wait…I can. So my laundry room was looking shabby as it is in my basement and not a lot of love or care had been shown to it, yet. I decided this past winter it was time to get things looking good and organized. And a rolling laundry hamper was part of my plan. I knew I wanted compartments to separate my laundry, that was a must. I also wanted it to roll just to make life easier. This hamper caught my eye as it was very clean and sturdy looking and it wasn’t the cheapest one out there. I want it to last! It has great reviews online, which is something I always look at, if you didn’t know. Hehe.

The white canvas bags on this hamper are removable and washable and are very nice quality. It was very simple for the boy and I to assemble as the boy is very savvy in things like this, me…not so much. Once we put it together and got it rolled into place I could not wait to start filling it up! Sounds silly, I know. But this along with all of my other additions to my laundry room made it come together so nice, I just love going down there now! No more laundry on the basement floor, oh yah! The bags hold a nice amount of laundry in each compartment, too.

Here’s the link to check it out:

100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls by i-Gruv

I ordered these dryer balls after doing extensive research and finding the reviews and the price on these were right up my alley. I was tired of buying chemical ridden dryer sheets that were making my husband break out in rashes if they accidentally got into “his” laundry. Meaning my sheets and towels which are also his sheets and towels! I needed a new solution.

I am VERY happy I made the switch. There are many different brands and types of dryer balls to buy online. As of yet, I haven’t seen any in the stores around me where I live. So I had to buy them online. I have never used any others to compare these to, but so far they are working great. I have been using them since January in every single load. Depending on the load size is how many you throw in. They come with a carrying bag and so I store the ones I am not using in there. And bonus, they can go with our sheets and towels now! There has been minimal static and only with larger loads where they might get tumbled up into something, like a fitted sheet or duvet cover. Most loads there is no static and my laundry still has a very nice fresh smell to it, almost like it has been line dried in the summer breeze.

These claim to be eco friendly and anti-static, organic, reusable and hand made. They also claim to last for years, which I will wait to see. And they do have exceptional reviews on Amazon!

Here’s the link to check them out!