TRURENDI Women’s Long Sleeve V-Neck Pleated Bodysuit Blouse

This bodysuit has been a lifesaver for me! I am a bartender at a local fine dining establishment and needed something to stay in place as I reach up a lot and bend a lot in my job. I found this online and didn’t have high expectations as it was pretty inexpensive and made in China (try finding something like this made anywhere else, I dare ya) and there were not any helpful reviews online either. Well, it shipped a lot quicker than expected which was great and I based my size ordered by the sizing they told you to go by online. It worked! I usually wear a size Medium tops but I ordered a Large due to the Asian sizes being different.

I am a size 34D bra and size 4/6 dress standing at 5’6 and 130lbs. Hopefully this is helpful to you girls out there! I will post some photos here as well. The bottom part is mesh and breathable and comfortable. It has two snaps on the bottom so you don’t need to disrobe when you have to go to the restroom! Very helpful. The top blouse is very cute and classy looking with a puffier sleeve and I like the double buttons, gives extra hold for the girls! It’s very comfortable and works so well, no more untucked look. I need to order another one before they get discontinued!! It’s the only one I could find that fit my criteria at my job and looked decent. So glad I ordered! You can order it here:

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