Contigo Travel Mug

I have used two of these travel mugs now and can say quite confidently that they are awesome. The first one I received as a gift and because I am irresponsible sometimes with cleaning out my travel mugs, it got ruined. I used that one for about 6 months and it really kept my coffee nice and warm for the entire morning and into the afternoon. After I realized what I had done by ruining that mug, I mourned it so much that my mom bought me another one! I vow to treat this one right and so far I really have.

I have the version that snaps on the top to open and shut it and while I don’t mind this version at all, it is a little more difficult to open than the previous version I had which was just a finger trigger. Regardless, they both have kept my coffee wonderfully warm and that is what really counts. I had been using a Bubba travel mug and it really didn’t compare to these. After about 5 months of use with my Bubba it fell apart at that! The Contigo is stainless steel with a lock and seal that prevents any spilling and drips. It has a nice rubber grip around the middle/top.

The larger size mug doesn’t fit in some cup holders, though, and that can be irritating. The body of the mug is hand wash only and the lid you can throw in the dishwasher. The instructions are listed on the bottom of the body. And beware, if you leave your coffee and cream sitting in it too long, it will grow mold and you will have to throw it out. Sigh. But that’s not going to happen to me again!

I got mine at Costco, 2 of these mugs run about $20 there. Anywhere else, you will be paying a lot more. They are worth it though! Happy hot coffee to you!

Amy’s Freshly Homespun all natural products!

I am most excited about these products as I LOVE to have natural options for my beauty/bath/home needs! I like to make some of these items myself, but once I tried Amy’s Homespun products I think I’ll be buying them from her instead. I’ve tried three products so far: the moisturizing body soap, the cocoa mint lip balm and the every day lotion bars.

They are the best I have tried in the all-natural-product world. And I have tried many. The lotion bar I was using all over like I would use any lotion but then one day I thought…”Why not try this on my face for a night-time moisturizer?” It works SO good, I don’t think I’ll use anything else. During the day I use an SPF, so my next product I am going to try from this company is the tinted SPF cream and also the lip gloss.

The cocoa-mint lip balm is also theamys2 best lip balm I have ever used and you know how us girls go through lip balms trying to find that one that is going to give us some relief and make our lips look good in the mean time. THIS is it girls!

The body soap- what can I say- it’s just fabulous. Truly leaves your skin soft and smelling so good. Like I said at the beginning, I am so excited about these products! The best part is you can feel good about using all natural products with ingredients that you can pronounce and know they are actually good for your health and your body.


Check out the “About” section on Amy’s website as well. You’ll find you’re supporting a hardworking mom and business woman. It’s a win win!

Here’s a link to the website:

The Fab Four! Live at the Sanford Center

I’m not sure if you know this, but The Beatles are my favorite band of all time as they are THE BEST BAND of all time. So, going to see the Fab Four to me seemed almost like a betrayal of sorts. I figured there was no way they could be any good. After all, their concert is ripping off the best band of all time. And trying to act like them! I scoffed at the idea at first. However, we were given free tickets. I never turn down free tickets, unless it’s to see the worst band of all time, AC/DC. Now you know my limits.

Anyhow! We went to the show….and I was pleasantly surprised! I did not like the fact at all that they tried to look like their Beatles counterpart, because in reality they just don’t. Except for the guy who plays George. There were a few moments you would think George was there. Kinda crazy. They played flawlessly. They sounded just like the original Fab Four. I couldn’t help but sing along and cheer and clap to all of my favorite songs, which was all of them. Except Yellow Submarine. Sorry Ringo.

We enjoyed the show so much and the gin and tonic helped, too, haha! I would see them again. After actually seeing a Beatle (Sir Paul) live in concert last summer, I thought I had been ruined for all live music. But really, live music is just fun and meant to be enjoyed. And that’s just what happened.

Check out their website and see if they’re playing a show near you: