Dockside Fish Market in Grand Marais, MN

When you visit Grand Marais, MN you feel like you are visiting a coastal town, maybe somewhere out East. You don’t expect a town like this in Northern Minnesota, and it’s a very cool surprise. I can’t believe I had never been there before this past November. I had driven through the town but never stopped to take in all of its charm. Another great surprise was the Dockside Fish Market, where you can get fresh fish and seafood. And I mean FRESH! They actually catch their fish and get it in daily. You can see what their catch of the day is on their website and in their store.

You can also get seafood, which for MN is very fresh! It’s flown in for them. I ordered fish and chips and a side of shrimp cocktail. AND a glass of white wine! It was all so good. (Don’t forget their fresh cheese selection as well!) And the view you can’t beat. It feels very nautical as you sit on the shore of the Great Lake that looks so much like an ocean you can transport yourself easily to the coast.

They have a great menu to order from and a whole deli area of things to buy and take with you. We ended up ordering scallops to go and cooked them up at the resort we were staying at. They were SO GOOD. Of course good preparation for scallops is essential and my brother is a fabulous chef so they turned out just perfect. Quality ingredients is the first step however, and they were quality my friends. We will be going back, I cannot wait!

They are seasonal so be aware of their hours of operation. In the meantime, start planning your trip and check out their website:

dockside fish market dockside fish market view

“How to Speak Wookiee”: sound book by Wu Kee Smith

I found this book in the kids toy area in Kohl’s and picked it up to see about as a gift for 7 year old I know that loves Star Wars. After reading it through and pressing the buttons all the way through, I realized I needed to buy it for her dad instead because it’s just too funny! Adults and kids alike will appreciate this book.

Especially if you’re a child of the 70’s/80’s and saw the original movies as a kid. The Chewy sounds are right on and will give you a good laugh. The book is hilarious in itself and with the sounds, just brilliant. Great gift idea for a Star War’s fan! Or just as a great coffee table book your friends and family can enjoy. I got this on sale at Kohl’s so it was a great find!

Here is a link to Amazon where you can check out the reviews and buy it yourself:




Minnetonka Moccasin Women’s Double Fringe Ankle Boot

Anyone who knows me can hear me saying, “I love my Moc’s.” I have several pair of Minnetonka Moccasin loafers and then this pair of side zip ankle boots. I bought them at a local shop, The General Store in Walker, MN for quite a deal! They were 20% off and of course, no shipping fee, which I love.

The leather is very soft and forms to my foot and the side zip makes them very easy to get on and off. There are little strips of leather attached to the zipper and one of mine came off pretty quickly after I bought them, it would not stay on, so I just kept it off. You can’t notice at all because it was the same color as the shoe themselves.

The sole is very grippy rubber and they are fabulous on snow and ice. I live in Minnesota and this is a very important feature to any footwear I have. These shoes make me feel like Spiderman and I may get a little too confident on the ice with them!

You can’t go wrong with the cool factor to these boots. Fringe?? Give me a break, I love it! The bronze medallions add a nice touch, too. My next Moc purchase will be the tall fringed boots…oh they are just too much!

Remember everyone: Shop local if you can! Look around your town first to see if a local shop offers these great boots before turning to Amazon or another online store. I got these for much less than I found online by shopping local!